San Diego Metro Transit System (MTS)

San Diego MTS has served the San Diego community for over 135 years. There are thousands of employees who keep the fleet of nearly 1,000 vehicles maintained and operating every day, including all-electric trolleys and near-zero emission buses.

With their commitment to transitioning their bus fleet from compressed natural gas to 100% zero tailpipe emission bus (ZEB) through 2040, San Diego MTS sought out a charge management software provider to assist with managing their growing fleet and charging infrastructure. bp pulse was selected in a competitive bid to install Omega charge management software on 36 chargers, with plans to scale operations to four additional locations over the next five years, bringing the expected charger count to 150 across all five locations. 

Integration simplified

Real-time fleet management

To simplify the charging process, the Omega charge management software will integrate with San Diego MTS bus telematics and control systems—responding in real time to changing routes with the capability to prioritize charging-based needs.

Omega will manage 36 DC fast chargers from multiple manufacturers at the different locations, including integrating pantograph charging from solar photovoltaic (PV) array, ensuring San Diego MTS can power their bus fleet with renewable energy and support the grid.

The result

Optimizing charging for cost, reliability, and efficiency

Through the Omega Command Center dashboard, San Diego MTS will monitor state of charge for the electric buses and automatically adjust for efficiency, range, and battery life, ensuring San Diego MTS vehicles are operating reliably and efficiently. Omega will also consider electric utility costs, ensuring San Diego MTS is in compliance with utilities, while providing cost savings and energy efficiency.

Transitioning to a zero emission bus fleet by 2040 is one of the top priorities for MTS. It is a complex process to get this done, with many moving parts. Selecting a vendor for the charge management software was a big step in this process. We are excited to work with bp pulse to provide critical technology to charge our vehicles.

Sharon Cooney, MTS Chief Executive Officer
San Diego Metro Transit System (MTS)

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