Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) is a public transportation provider in Austin, Texas who sought customized overhead solar solutions.

bp pulse, HOLT Renewables, and Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) have teamed up to design first-of-its-kind, overhead solar-powered charging infrastructure for CapMetro’s fleet of EV buses. CapMetro is a public transportation and paratransit service provider located in Austin, Texas that operates transit bus and a commuter rail system known as the Capital MetroRail. HOLT Renewables is an engineering, procurement, and construction firm for commercial solar projects nationwide.

powering public transport with renewable energy

Photovoltaic canopy system

For this project, HOLT Renewables is installing a photovoltaic (PV) canopy system, which converts sunlight to usable electricity. The solar project will span 12 acres, utilize over 7,000 panels, and power more than 200 buses. To help bring the project to life, bp pulse will oversee installation of our patent-pending mounting system, PIDE.

To help bring the solar project to life, bp pulse will oversee installation of our patent-pending mounting system, PIDE.

overhead solar-powered charging infrastructure

Pantograph In-Depot Equipment (PIDE)

PIDE is specifically designed for attachment to a tilted PV canopy or to an overhead structure with a non-flat parking surface beneath. This allows sites with uneven surfaces, like CapMetro, to incorporate solar into their charging infrastructure without needing to raze their land. 

Project specs:

  • Spans 12 acres
  • Utilize over 7,000 solar panels
  • Power more than 200 buses

This project will be a gamechanger for our agency. We’ll be able to get more of our zero-emissions buses out on the road to provide a quieter and comfortable ride for our customers. We look forward to this partnership as we continue to expand our sustainability efforts across the Central Texas region.

Dottie Watkins, President and CEO

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