EV fast-charging hubs

A gigahub™ site is a large EV fast-charging hub located near airports and other high-demand areas that provide reliable and convenient charging experience.

What is a gigahub site?

Large EV fast-charging hubs that are being built to support ride-hail, taxi, rental car fleets, and the broader public in high-demand areas

Built with ride-hail and taxi fleets in mind, bp pulse’s gigahub sites offer convenient, fast-charging that will make it substantially easier for drivers to charge near airports while en route to picking up and dropping off passengers. A gigahub site also services other fleets and the general public to provide easily accessible and reliable charging for a variety of electric vehicles.

customer story

The first gigahub site will be built near LAX with funding from the California Energy Commission

Key benefits

gigahub sites provide a reliable and convenient charging experience

Ride-hail, taxi, and rental car fleets are increasingly making bold commitments to electrify–making easy access to reliable EV charging critical. bp pulse’s gigahub sites are built with gig economy drivers in mind, providing an experience that allows drivers to easily pull in, plug in, and recharge.

Predictable charging costs

The cost of public charging is unpredictable and can vary greatly. gigahub sites will utilize bp pulse’s omega charge management software to make energy costs more affordable, so drivers can anticipate consistent, cost-optimized charging.

Exceptional charging experience

While their vehicle charges, drivers can take advantage of great onsite amenities, including restrooms, snacks, and beverages. For ride-hail drivers, features of gigahub sites are integrated into driver apps to create a seamless charging experience.

Maximize EV uptime
Convenient access

gigahub sites will be conveniently located near airports and other high-demand locations to reduce deadhead miles for drivers. They are specifically designed to quickly recharge vehicles to improve turnaround time.

Reliable charging

With multiple stalls, gigahub sites provide DC fast charging for all, welcoming drivers 24/7. bp pulse’s omega charge management software and operational expertise ensure that all drivers have a safe, reliable place to recharge.

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EV charging experience

Seamless, public access charging experience for ride-hail, taxi, and rental fleets

gigahub sites are built with the EV driver in mind so they can pull-in, plug-in, recharge, and depart smoothly. Pricing is simple and predictable.


Easily accessible and conveniently located where needed most, gigahub sites make it simple to access fast EV charging. Ride-hail, taxi, and rental car fleets, alongside the general public, can leverage world-class amenities while powering their vehicles.

Step 1
Plug-in and charge up

gighub sites are optimized to provide fast-charging at low cost. During the quick charging time, drivers can take advantage of a variety of amenities including restrooms, refreshments, comfortable waiting areas, and more.

Step 2
Unplug and depart

bp pulse gigahub sites integrate into driver apps to create a seamless charging experience – including payment and departure. Drivers can quickly return to the road.

Step 3

Partner with us on a gigahub site

The innovative charging depot model of a gigahub site provides opportunities for partnership across the spectrum of EV charging infrastructure – from landowners to EVSE OEMs, and beyond.

partnership opportunities

Be it nearby airport property or other accessible spaces, landowners can lease or sell land for use as a gigahub site.

App-based rideshare entities and taxi services can leverage gigahub sites to quickly charge when on the go, and establish priority charging access through partnership.

Drivers often need access to public charging to stay on route. Make it easier for them to recharge and take a break with gigahub sites built for convenience and reliability.

Infrastructure and convenience providers can also partner with us to be part of a gigahub site. Contact us to learn more.

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gigahub at LAX

First gigahub site location to serve Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The first gigahub site will be built near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with $2 million in funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC), and in collaboration with Hertz. bp pulse will lead the design, installation and management of the EV fast-charging hub.

Vehicles employed by California’s ride-hailing fleets make up 2.5 percent of the vehicle population, but consume 30 percent of all public fast charging. The California Energy Commission is proud to support projects like the Gigahub network by bp pulse, near LAX in partnership with Hertz, two transportation powerhouses who are working together to help electrify ride-hailing and rental fleets and cut pollution in communities.

Patty Monahan
Lead California Energy Commissioner for Transportation

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