Energizing the future of fleet transportation

Powering the shift to electric through innovative charge management solutions for fleets of all sizes.

Our story

From fleet charging startup to global electrification activator

bp pulse’s fleet division started as AMPLY Power. A startup that began as a response to the myriad of challenges fleets face through their transition to electric – including fluctuating energy prices, mixed technologies with the need for interoperability, and readiness requirements for these new mission-critical assets. Our comprehensive charging solutions streamline and simplify fleet electrification.

This vision has been proved out through the success of our customer deployments across the country, and inspired us to expand our goals, bring solutions to a broader market, and make a larger impact. Enter: bp.

AMPLY Power founded in late 2018, pioneering CaaS and CMS


Signed first customer in early 2019


First customer went live on Omega CMS in mid-2019


Series A funding April 2020


Acquisition by bp December 2021


Rebrand to bp pulse September 2022


Becoming bp pulse

Electrifying transportation together

At the end of 2021, AMPLY Power was acquired by global integrated energy company bp, accelerating the growth trajectory and reach of our mutual zero emission ambitions. This strategic partnership has added scale and speed to our innovations, allowing us to support fleets across the globe.

Numbers we are proud of

U.S. states with active projects
Seamless software integration in production with vehicle and charger OEMs
Average energy cost savings for customers
Charge management software uptime

Throughout these milestones, our team of experts has remained customer-focused and dedicated to providing best-in-class service and creative solutions for electric mobility. With bp, we’ve established landmark customer partnerships that advance our strategy to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner.

About bp pulse

Powering a greener future

The world is turning on to electric. At bp pulse, we are here to simplify electrification by providing easy and convenient charging solutions and significant charging infrastructure. Over the course of more than a decade, we have designed and developed innovative electric vehicle charging solutions that enable EV drivers to charge at home, at work and on the go. On our mission to make charging fast and hassle-free, our charging stations have been used over 35 million times to enable around 200 million miles of zero tailpipe emission driving. With our products and services, we help solve major problems holding back the shift toward electrification.

Electrifying your fleet can be overwhelming and requires many consequential decisions: EVSE procurement and installation to operations and maintenance and beyond. We have spent the last several years sharpening our strategy and building high-speed charging hubs, bespoke fleet solutions, service excellence, and outstanding digital products. Let our knowledge lead the way. With bp pulse turnkey charging solutions, operators of truck, bus, van, and light-duty vehicle fleets can focus on their core business while we take care of everything else.

Let’s charge, and change the world.

bp pulse eom

Meet our leaders

Richard Bartlett

Senior Vice President, bp pulse
Richard leads bp’s global electrification business, bp pulse. This business is a key growth engine for bp and sits at the heart of bp’s transition to a net zero company by 2050. The business was founded through the acquisition of Chargemaster in the United Kingdom and has since expanded operations in Europe, China, India, Australia & New Zealand and the United States. Prior to leading bp pulse, Richard previously served as vice president, downstream commercial development, and was responsible for delivering new transformational low carbon business models. Prior to that he was Chief Financial Officer for bp in the Asia Pacific region. Richard has built a track record for leading and developing talent, building and scaling high growth businesses and delivering strong financial results in both mature and emerging markets.
Sujay Sharma
Chief Executive Officer, bp pulse Americas

Sujay Sharma leads the bp pulse Americas team, where he oversees the operations of bp’s EV charging business. Prior to this role, Sujay was Vice President of bp Pulse, Asia Pacific, leading e-mobility operations across China, India, Australia, and New Zealand. He also served as Chief Development Officer of Jio-bp where he set up the low carbon mobility business. Sujay has been with bp for 22 years, working in and leading various business activities in the US, UK, and Asia, including in Petrochemicals, Fuels, and Trading. Sujay’s demonstrated a history of scaling low-carbon mobility and will help bring industry-changing solutions to the market.