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Transition to and manage your EVs with our comprehensive charging solutions specifically engineered for fleets.

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Fleet charging on autopilot

Watch a demo on how our Omega software has everything you need to manage and automate your EV charging operations

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bp boosts EV charging network with $100 million order of Tesla ultra-fast chargers​​​

EV fleet charging products and solutions

Fleet charging simplified

Making the transition to an electric vehicle fleet brings new complexities to fleet operations–procuring charging infrastructure, managing fluctuating electricity costs, EV charging time, and much more. At bp pulse, we offer a suite of products and solutions that overcome these challenges, allowing you to stay focused on your business of moving people, goods, or providing services.

Charge management

Our charge management software offers everything a fleet operator needs to cost-effectively manage and optimize their EVs.​​

Hardware and software bundles

Combine EV fleet charging hardware, software, and warranty in one solutions for faster deployment.

Mobile infrastructure

Rapidly deploy EV charging infrastructure with mobile and non-permanent charging solutions.

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Learn how EV charging bundles accelerate deployment for fleets​

Learn why EV charging hardware and software should be considered together from the start, and how our bundled options can offer faster and smarter EVSE deployment.

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A trusted partner in fleet electrification

Our EV charging solutions have proven to decrease operational costs and offer 99.9% charging infrastructure uptime. We work with our customers to find the right solution to help transition to and manage their electric vehicles.

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Get EV charging infrastructure cost estimate

Get charging infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates for your fleet with our online tool.

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See Omega charge management software in action

Watch our demo to learn how our Omega charge management software helps you put your fleet charging on autopilot.

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