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Everything you need to manage and automate your EV charging operations

Our cloud-based charge management software offers everything a fleet operator needs to cost-effectively manage and optimize their EVs. Watch our on-demand demo to learn how our Omega CMS can help your fleet:

  • Maximize vehicle uptime
  • Reduce electricity costs 
  • Monitor EV & charging infrastructure health
  • Integrate with existing telematics, route and asset management tools
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Discover how charge management software can serve as the nucleus of any fleet charging operation.

Why your fleet needs managed charging to ensure EV uptime

When choosing how to operate EVs, fleets should understand the difference between unmanaged charging, smart charging, and managed charging.

Reducing grid strain with automated energy management

Charge management software with ALM assesses the customer’s vehicle energy needs and optimizes their EV charging profile to fit within electric service constraints and utility tariff rates.

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Supporting the deployment and operations of over a 100,000 EVs through infrastructure and software.

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Reducing costs by 40% and ensuring uptime to help expand an electric bus fleet.​

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Reducing CO2 emissions by 90% and fuel costs by 81% for the largest heavy-duty fleet on the East Coast.