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Attract more customers and receive rental revenue by hosting our fast, reliable EV chargers at your location.

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bp has signed a deal with Simon® to expand our EV charging network.

Ultra-fast charging will be rolled out at 75 Simon locations, adding over 900 ultra-fast charging bays across the US.

Electrifying businesses and public spaces

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More and more drivers are going electric, with over a million EVs on the road in the US today. Host a charger with bp pulse and let us help you attract customers by providing fast, reliable EV charging at your location. ​Learn more about being a part of the bp pulse network.

Attract more customers

Receive rental revenue with no upfront cost

Become part of the network

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Attract more customers

More and more US EV drivers chose public charging the last time they charged. Offering the services your customers need can help expand your customer base and keep them returning.​

Receive rental revenue with no upfront cost

We offer a competitive rental or hosting fee to host our chargers at your site. We also cover the upfront installation costs and handle any ongoing charger maintenance, so no Capex or Opex is required from your business.​

Become part of the network

You’ll become part of a fast-growing EV charging network, increasing visibility of your location and driving more footfall. Your location would be part of solving the growing need for charging solutions in the United States.

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