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Red Hook is a terminal, stevedore, and cross harbor barge operator with two facilities in the Port of New York and New Jersey complex. 

To achieve its emission reduction goals, Red Hook purchased ten BYD 8Y electric yard tractors. As the tractors were getting ready to deploy at Red Hook’s intermodal yard in Port Newark, NJ, Red Hook realized the need for managed charging. To solve for fluctuating utility charging rates, which can shift dramatically hour-by-hour, Red Hook sought out bp pulse. 

Customer Highlights

10 electric yard tractors

Avg. 6.5 MWh/month

Redhook Terminals electric yard tractors

A new venture

Solving for fluctuating energy costs

Unfamiliar with operating a fleet with electricity as a fuel, Red Hook realized the need for managed charging. To solve for fluctuating utility rates – which can shift dramatically hour-by-hour – Red Hook sought out managed charging.

By using our Omega software, Red Hook is now charging at lower-cost energy times. In their first full quarter of using Omega, the fleet has reduced demand charges by 55% in peak months.

With Omega, Red Hook has been able to maintain a steady demand, while reducing demand charges by 55% in peak months. The average kWh/driving hr is 17.14.

A seamless transition

New technologies, existing infrastructure

bp pulse further eased Red Hook’s transition to electric vehicles by smoothly integrating our services with the fleet’s existing fleet management infrastructure and telematics. This allowed Red Hook to fully manage their charging operations in real-time while minimizing site upgrades. They now have visibility into each vehicle’s state of charge, schedule charging based on duty cycles, and track current and maximum energy capacity at the site. With this, Red Hook improved fleet readiness, starting 95% of their EV trips with a 99% state of charge. 

bp pulse also offers:

  • Site controller: using integrated revenue-grade meters for real-time usage visibility
  • Control mechanisms: keeping peak demand and coincident loads below the designated peak power thresholds

Customer Highlight
Over 95% of Red Hook EV shifts started with 99% state of charge.
Many thanks to our friends at bp pulse, who provide our charge management software, for helping make this possible.

Mike Stamatis, President
Red Hook Terminals

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