EV charge management software​

Omega, our fleet-first charge management software, automates charging when energy costs are lowest, dynamically responding to your evolving needs each shift.

What is Omega?

Omega simplifies EV charging operations and manages fuel costs

Our cloud-based charge management software automates charging when energy costs are lowest and sends critical alerts to you in real-time. The Omega Command Center, your mobile-friendly dashboard, gives you visibility into every aspect of your fleet. It also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can rely on Omega to always be there to keep your fleet running smoothly.

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Four benefits of managing EV fleet charging with Omega

Key features

Everything you need to manage your EV charging operations

Maximize EV uptime
Maximize electric vehicle uptime​​, backed up by our 99.9% platform uptime guarantee
Active EV & EVSE monitoring & alerts
Health Impacts
Co-optimize charging for cost, battery health, and GHG impact
2x Charger Capacity
2x charger capacity without utility service upgrades
Integrations with telematics, route & asset management tools
Grid Services
Participate in grid services (V2G & demand response)
Distributed energy resource (DER) management
Automatic Load Management (ALM)
Custom compliance, LCFS & operational reporting

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Reducing grid strain with automated energy management for EV charging

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Automate your EV charging operations

The Omega Command Center is a user-friendly dashboard that functions as a 24/7 network operations center, providing real time visibility of your EVs, chargers, power usage, and more. It can be viewed from any web browser and is optimized for mobile devices to allow you and your team to manage your EV fleet on the go.

How it works

Omega works with your EV fleet’s unique needs to ensure your vehicles are charged with the lowest-cost energy

The Omega charge management system includes on-site hardware known as the Site Controller that provides a comprehensive fleet management ecosystem. Your Site Controller collects data and telemetry at the edge, and then communicates with our cloud-based Omega software, backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This ensures your EV fleet runs smoothly, even if there is an outage.

Why choose

Our fully managed EV fleet charging software puts cost effectiveness first

Some charger manufacturers offer basic smart charging, where economics and performance are not optimized, leaving fleet managers the responsibility of manually managing costs and complex charging schedules. Our Omega charge management software offers a fully managed solution to increase EV and charging infrastructure uptime while decreasing energy costs.

Capability Smart Charging OMEGA
Remote management - on/off
Sequential charging (time of day, day of week)
Error alerts and reporting
Error correction
Power supply management
Vehicle prioritization
Geo-fencing of entire yard operations
Telematics, fleet mgmt, and maintenance systems integration
24/7 Remote monitoring
Customized solutions
24/7 Client services
Adaptive charging (dynamic scheduling)
99.9% platform uptime guarantee

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What is managed charging and charge management?

Customer stories

bp pulse is a trusted partner in EV fleet charging

bp pulse’s EV charging solutions have proven to decrease operational costs and offer 99.9% charging infrastructure uptime. We work with our customers to find the right solution to help transition to and manage their electric vehicles.

Transit agency

Tri Delta Transit

Reducing costs by 40% and ensuring uptime to help expand an electric bus fleet.​

Transit agency

Anaheim Transportation Network

Delivering 99.9% fleet uptime and $4.8M projected savings with bp pulse’s CaaS.

Goods movement

Red Hook Terminals​​

Reducing CO2 emissions by 90% and fuel costs by 81% for the largest heavy-duty fleet on the East Coast.

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Hassle-free maintenance and repair

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Let's electrify together

Connect with us to learn more about how our omega charge management software simplifies EV charging operations and manages fuel costs.