Charge management software

Put your EV fleet charging on autopilot

Omega charge management software automates charging when energy costs are lowest, dynamically responding to your evolving needs each shift. You’ll spend less time managing charging and more time focusing on business, while reducing energy costs.

Why Omega Charge Management

Hands-free management of your EV charging operations

Reduce total cost of ownership

Omega prioritizes charging during off-peak periods, when energy costs are lowest. Save up to 40% on average versus unmanaged charging to reinvest elsewhere.

Maximize vehicle uptime

Get complete visibility of your EV charging operations and real-time critical alerts all from one dashboard, ensuring vehicle uptime. We integrate with any vehicle, charger, telematics or fleet management tool, so you can use exactly what works best for your fleet now and in future.

Always available

Our cloud-based software comes with 99.9% platform uptime, so you can rely on Omega to always be there to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Learn how EV charging bundles accelerate deployment for fleets​

Nov 14, 2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Join us for a live webinar to learn why EV charging hardware and software should be considered together from the start, and how our bundled options can offer faster and smarter EVSE deployment.

Explore Omega Charge Management Software

The nucleus of your fleet charging operation

Omega offers a user-friendly dashboard that functions as a 24/7 network operations center, providing real time visibility of your EVs, chargers, power usage, and more. It can be viewed from any web browser and is optimized for mobile devices to allow you and your team to manage your EV fleet on the go.

Stay in control of your fleet

Get complete visibility of your EV charging operations, making it easier to plan schedules and ensure vehicles are ready to go when needed.

  • View the real-time status of all your vehicles and chargers on one screen
  • Follow each vehicle’s location, state-of-charge (SOC) and time-to-completion charging estimates
  • Manage and monitor multiple depots in one place

Ensure equipment uptime

Safeguard against power failures and spot and react to potential issues as soon as they happen, maximizing equipment uptime.

  • See where power is flowing and easily troubleshoot issues by breaking down usage per charger, electrical panel and site
  • Respond to real-time alerts to fix potential problems fast

Track savings and performance

With access to reporting & insights all in one place, it’s easy to monitor fleet performance – whether that be to track cost savings or energy impact.

  • Compare your operations schedule against optimal charging times for lowest cost energy
  • See how much you’ve saved by using Omega versus unmanaged charging
  • Easily run and download energy, equipment health, and other operational reports

On demand demo

Fleet charging on autopilot

Watch a demo on how our Omega software has everything you need to manage and automate your EV charging operations

Explore customer success stories

Fleets unlock savings and increase vehicle uptime with Omega

Omega charge management software has allowed fleet operators across all sectors to remain focused on their core business of moving goods and people, instead of managing their charging manually. Our software will always be there to keep your fleet running smoothly with 99.9% platform uptime. Explore how some of our customers have decreased costs and increased EV uptime with Omega.

”bp pulse helped us [Tri Delta Transit] pinpoint the financial, operational, and equipment improvements we could make to realize 40 percent savings and ensure uptime for our riders who depend on our bus service to go about their daily lives. As we expand our EV fleet, we look forward to realizing even greater savings.”

-Tri Delta Transit

bundled ev charging hardware and software

Discover our new EV fleet charging bundles for faster and smarter EVSE deployment

Our bundles combine EV fleet charging hardware, software, and warranty in one solution for faster and smarter EVSE deployment.

Plans and add-ons

Omega charge management software plans

When it comes to choosing charge management software for your EV fleet, it can be difficult to work out which option is best for you. To simplify this process, we’ve created a range of Omega plans to suit different fleet needs - regardless of where you are in your electrification journey.


Smart charging

Ideal for fleets looking to get started with EV charging quickly, Lite gives you the ability to monitor your charging infrastructure from one place and schedule charging remotely.

Key Features


Energy management

We’ll automatically optimize charging times for you, for lowest cost energy. You’ll spend less time managing charging and more time focusing on operations, while reducing energy costs.

Key Features


Charge efficiency

For fleets with dynamic schedules where operational efficiency is key, Pro provides advanced optimization abilities, backed by a service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure vehicle uptime.

Key Features

Omega add-ons

Unlock even more functionality with our range of Omega add-ons.


Add an additional layer of government-level security (separately hosted instance in AWS) to protect your business.


Integrate with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) / Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and enable V2X capability to push power back to the grid.

Ops Planner

Add our advanced operational planning tool for more visibility and control over EV charging operations, including the ability to integrate with reservation data and predict future charging demand.

Site Controller

Enable greater resiliency and local control by adding our edge-controlled device to your site, including redundancy and alerting for connectivity outages and utility grade metering.

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