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Four benefits of managing EV fleet charging with Omega

Discover how charge management software can serve as the nucleus of any fleet charging operation.

Once you have your EVs and charging infrastructure installed, you are now ready to get on the road. At this stage, fleet operators quickly realize that plugging in the vehicles and leaving them to charge with no management system–also known as unmanaged charging–can be an unruly and expensive endeavor. That’s where managed charging is a huge benefit to your operations.

1. Easily scale and evolve your EV fleet

2. Maximize vehicle uptime

3. Avoid utility service upgrades

4. Reduce total cost of ownership

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Fleet operators should be able to focus on their core business of moving goods and people, not managing charging. Let us put your EV fleet charging on autopilot with charge management software, while guaranteeing our platform will always be there to keep your fleet running smoothly.


3 March 2023


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Meg Dinga

Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Special Projects, bp pulse fleet


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Learn how to put your fleet charging on autopilot with Omega

Learn how to ensure EV fleet uptime with Omega

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