EV charging infrastructure maintenance and repair

Prioritize the health of your charging equipment with our hassle-free maintenance program.

What is elevate?

elevate is a service level agreement (SLA) for EV charging infrastructure operations

Maintenance and repair for EV charging infrastructure can be more complicated than traditional fueling stations and involve many more suppliers. With elevate, we assume responsibility for a fleet’s charging station operations, while handling all sub-supplier issues and costs on your behalf. 

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Prioritizing the health of your charging equipment

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Key features

elevate goes beyond standard warranties and maintenance programs offered by EVSE providers, giving you peace of mind that your EV charging infrastructure ecosystem is consistently up and running.

  • 99.9% service-level guarantee
  • Cost-effectively prolonging equipment lifespan
  • Managing warranties and equipment reserves
  • Issue identification and resolution
  • Predictive maintenance & predictive repair​

How it works

elevate monitors EV charging infrastructure with our innovative charge management software to help proactively maintain and repair equipment.

When paired with omega, our intelligent charge management software, elevate automatically notifies our network operations center when potential issues arise in your charging operations, initiating problem resolution day or night.

We’ll immediately assess any alerts or errors and begin the problem resolution process.

omega generates and tracks a ticket for each incident and measures acknowledgment, response, and resolution times.


We’ll immediately investigate identified issues through remote troubleshooting of software, API, and hardware components.


Should remote troubleshooting not suffice, we’ll send ground support to your site.


For equipment that needs repair, we’ll deploy certified technicians to ensure faulty hardware is fixed promptly.


If a replacement is needed, we’ll work to keep your operations going, via warranties, equipment spares, temporary chargers, etc.


Incident data and resolution timelines are then aggregated into monthly health reports.


Once your repaired or replaced hardware is installed, we’ll run necessary testing to ensure full functionality.


For equipment that has been obsoleted by the OEM, we’ll manage the end-of-life disposal or recycling process.

Why use elevate

With elevate, you can remain focused on your core business and not worry about the health and maintenance of your EV charging infrastructure.

Responsibility Fleet Operator bp Pulse
Moving goods, people, or services
24/7 monitoring of EV charging infrastructure
Diagnosing and troubleshooting EV charging issues
Managing EV charging warranties
Coordinating the repair of EV charging infrastructure
Replace equipment as needed
Managing end-of-life for obsoleted EV charging equipment

Customer stories

bp pulse is a trusted partner in EV fleet charging

bp pulse’s EV charging solutions have proven to decrease operational costs and offer 99.9% charging infrastructure uptime. We work with our customers to find the right solution to help transition to and manage their electric vehicles.

Transit agency

Tri Delta Transit

Reducing costs by 40% and ensuring uptime to help expand an electric bus fleet.​

Transit agency

Anaheim Transportation Network

Delivering 99.99% fleet uptime and $4.8M projected savings with bp pulse’s CaaS.

Goods movement

Red Hook Terminals​​

Reducing CO2 emissions by 90% and fuel costs by 81% for the largest heavy-duty fleet on the East Coast.

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