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Scalable electrification with Anaheim Transportation Network

The plan

In 2020, Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) and bp pulse set out to begin an ambitious and multi-phased electrification project. The plan was to build a large-scale EV fleet charging depot, serviced with bp pulse charge management software, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, and energy storage. With funding from the California Energy Commission, ATN had the right tools in place to begin this adventure.

Assignability clause: ATN included an assignability clause in their electrification contract with bp pulse in efforts to allow other government entities to “piggyback.” Piggybacking would allow other state of California agencies to use terms from ATN’s contract in their own, potentially expediting the contracting process. Want to learn more? Stay tuned for a bp pulse webinar in June to learn more about piggybacking.

When they say, “it takes a village,” they could easily be referring to electrifying a fleet. To build a resilient charging depot that incorporates renewable energy, multiple experienced project collaborators would be essential. To fulfill this project, not only did bp pulse facilitate the design and deployment through our Charging-as-a-Service offering, but we also collaborated with Anser Advisory as ATN’s owner’s representative, Uprite Construction, REC Solar for the solar PV, BYD Auto for the electric vehicles, and Tesla for the Megapack (energy storage).

The process

As the project began, it became clear that it would take longer to get the permanent, large-scale depot up and running. To solve for an interim need for charging, bp pulse designed and built a portable, pre-assembled, and containerized electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solution. Two upcycled shipping containers were deployed by bp pulse, customized to ATN’s needs.

With the non-permanent interim solution providing EV charging, bp pulse, ATN, and the team of electrification experts pressed on with the permanent charging depot, referred to as “The Charge.”

bp pulse worked with the construction team to design and install the EV chargers, configuring them with bp pulse’s Omega charge management software – a must-have for managing electric load, optimizing charging sessions, and maintaining uptime.

Further, bp pulse procured the Tesla Megapack and provided design and integration of the microgrid—an essential piece of the electrification master plan to allow for integration with the solar PV and energy storage. Through the microgrid and energy storage system, ATN is able to use renewable energy and boost resiliency of their EV charging.

The next steps

The ATN charging depot is now functional, with the ribbon cutting taking place on Friday, April 26. Across ATN’s three locations, bp pulse will manage charging sessions amongst 46 EV chargers and 46 buses. But that’s not all!

The work that’s been accomplished is just the first phase of bp pulse’s collaboration with ATN. There is currently a planned phase two and phase three of ATN’s electrification endeavors, to continue scaling up their EV charging operations. Future proofing is an essential component of this project—allowing ATN to take electrification in phases. From day one with ATN, bp pulse was thinking through what it would take to get ATN across all three phases of electrification.

The future of ATN is electric! As ATN scales their EV charging operations, bp pulse will continue to provide electrification expertise to support their EV fleet goals.

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26 April 2024


Chuck Ebbets

Senior Sales Manager, Transit
bp pulse Americas