Conversations with leaders: What to expect from recent Tesla announcement

In October, bp pulse announced a $100-million order of ultra-fast chargers from Tesla. This exciting investment will facilitate the expansion of the bp pulse public network across the US, and also enable support for EV fleet customers to deploy Tesla chargers at their private depots. We sat down with Vic Shao, President of bp pulse fleet to learn more about what this means for the transportation industry.

How did bp pulse choose to work with Tesla on such a large charging hardware purchase?

When my conversations began with Tesla, it was about the greater mission of accelerating EV adoption, and how each side can contribute towards the greater good. We were really enthusiastic for a collaboration on their best-in-class EV charging hardware. The V4 ultra-fast charger is highly reliable with a power output of 250 kW. At this power rate, the chargers can charge up to 200 miles in 15 minutes. The bp pulse network is committed to offering customers a high-end charging experience, and having high-speed, reliable hardware is paramount to that.

What’s significant about this particular agreement in the electric mobility industry?

This agreement is the first of its kind, making bp pulse the first independent charging operator to have the ability to install and operate Tesla chargers outside of the Tesla Supercharger network. With Tesla recently opening their network and plug standard to other OEMs, this announcement is the next piece of the puzzle to expand access to high-speed chargers for all EV drivers, including fleet operators.

Will the Tesla chargers be compatible with all EVs? Can drivers tap into this network of fast chargers regardless of their vehicle type?

In a word, yes. The chargers will be fitted with Tesla’s ‘Magic Dock’, which is compatible with both North American Charging Standard (NACS) and Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors. This enables EVs from other major vehicle manufacturers to use the bp pulse-operated chargers in a public setting, or installed at a private depot for our fleet customers.

What can fleet managers expect from this collaboration? How will this announcement benefit fleet customers?

I wanted to ensure that fleets had access to the same fast, reliable hardware the public has experienced with the Tesla chargers. EV fleets will be able to directly purchase V4 Tesla charging hardware from us and pair the charging equipment with our Omega charge management software to reach peak efficiency in EV fleet charging sessions. Through this collaboration, we further expand our ability to service fleet customers with high quality, reliable hardware and software. For fleets looking to incorporate a V4 charger in their charging infrastructure, contact us to get in touch with one of our experts.

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19 December 2023