EV charging bundle with Tesla hardware

Our bundle combines ultra-fast Tesla hardware, charge management software, and warranty in one solution for smarter, more reliable EV fleet charging.

What is a Tesla charger bundle?

Ultra-fast Tesla chargers + Charge Management + Warranty

We’ve combined ultra-fast Tesla chargers with a parts warranty and license for our Omega charge management software for smarter, more reliable EV charging. Your EVSE will arrive pre-configured and ready to go, so you can maximize vehicle uptime and stay focused on operations.

Charge management

Our cloud-based Omega charge management software automates charging when energy costs are low and sends you real-time, critical alerts from one dashboard. It also comes with 99.9% platform uptime, so you can rely on Omega to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Ultra-fast Tesla hardware

We’re the first charging provider with the ability to deploy best-in-class Tesla chargers. You’ll benefit from faster, more reliable EV fleet charging to maximize vehicle uptime. Your chargers will come pre-configured with Omega CMS, so you can optimize charging from the start.


With a parts warranty included, your fleet is covered if there’s ever an equipment issue, avoiding unexpected costs and prolonging your equipment lifespan. We’ll handle any replacements end-to-end so you can focus on operations. For added peace of mind, our additional service plan extends your coverage to labor warranty and preventative maintenance, backed by an uptime guarantee.

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Our Tesla charger bundle includes a license for our leading Omega charge management software to help you manage your fleet, along with a parts warranty. Our experts can help you choose the best option to suit your fleet needs.

Tesla ultra-fast charger bundle + Omega Core

Ground mount | Single dispenser

Best-in-class Tesla charging technology with four posts included per bundle.

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Key benefits

Why bundle Tesla chargers and Omega Charge Management Software?

Smarter EV charging

With Omega charge management software, you’ll spend less time managing charging and more time focusing on business, while reducing energy costs. Once installed, your chargers will auto-connect to Omega to optimize charging from the start.

Faster EV charging

Using ultra-fast Tesla chargers means you can charge your EVs quicker with reliable charging hardware, maximizing vehicle time on the road and ensuring uptime.

Solutions that fit your fleet needs

Tesla’s chargers are both CCS and NACS compatible, so all EV models in your fleet can benefit from faster, reliable charging. Omega Core integrates with any telematics or fleet management tool, avoiding disruption to operations.

Best-in-class expertise

Best-in-class Tesla technology combined with bp’s long and evolving history in energy means you can rest assured that your EV charging strategy is in expert hands.

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We offer a variety of EV hardware installation options to best fit your fleet needs. All options include a license for our leading Omega charge management software to help you manage your fleet, along with a parts warranty.

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