Mobile and non-permanent charging

Rapidly deploy EV charging infrastructure with Inrush mobile and non-permanent charging solutions.

What is Inrush?

Our mobile and non-permanent solutions offer customizable and easy to scale infrastructure that accelerates EV charging deployments

As fleets look into powering their new EVs, figuring out charging infrastructure for those vehicles can be daunting. While permanent infrastructure is the traditional route to support EVs, deployment timelines, cost, and physical constraints can make installation difficult.

Eliminate these roadblocks with our suite of mobile and non-permanent charging infrastructure solutions, Inrush. Inrush provides fleets with accessible charging infrastructure in less time and with less impact to existing operations than traditional, permanent EVSE installation.

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Customizable and easy to scale infrastructure that accelerates EV charging deployments

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Inrush solutions

Our solutions include containerized charging, mobile charging, and other above ground solutions that are future-proofed and customizable for your fleet

We offer a variety of non-permanent infrastructure options, including containerized charging, surface mount with above-ground raceways, and mobile solutions on wheels. All Inrush solutions are customizable to your specifications and designed to minimize impact to your site and operations.

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Mobile charging

Mobile charging offers fully portable battery-supported charging solutions on wheels. Existing access to electricity is not required making it deployable anywhere in the world.

Containerized charging

Containerized charging utilizes upcycled 20’ or 40’ shipping containers with exterior charger mounts and electrical switchgear inside. Containers are pre-assembled off-site and can support a mix of charger types and power levels. Once placed on site there is minimal construction needed to supply power to the container.


Surface mount charging

Our above-ground cable raceways and portable transformers require no trenching for electrical wiring. This solution is quick to install and easy to move while providing the convenience and stability of permanent infrastructure. Surface mount charging solutions are also interoperable with any charger type.

Discover which Inrush solution is best for your fleet

Key benefits

Inrush solutions provide customizable, portable, and expedited EV charging infrastructure with lower upfront investment
Customizable and easy to scale

You can easily add and relocate Inrush as your fleet scales and your needs evolve. Plus, Inrush solutions can be configured with a mix of chargers or with the battery capacity that best supports your electric fleet.

Save on upfront infrastructure investment

With Inrush solutions, the design, procurement, and installation can save a fleet up to 50% compared to the cost of conventional EV charging infrastructure. Similarly, by avoiding construction and utility interconnection costs, Inrush mobile solutions can save fleets even more.

Expedited EV charging deployments

Deploy Inrush containerized charging or surface mount charging within six months of initial project start – half the time of traditional infrastructure installation estimates. Still not fast enough? Inrush mobile can be readily deployed with no impacts to your site or existing operations.

Portable solutions that fit your fleet needs

The portability of Inrush solutions allows you to get started on your fleet electrification journey without the commitment to permanent infrastructure. Mobile charging with batteries allows you to strengthen your existing electrification efforts, and moves with you wherever you go.

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How to deploy Inrush containerized charging

Which Inrush solution is right for my fleet?

Permanent charging infrastructure doesn’t need to be a barrier to EV deployments. Inrush can help future-proof and ready your fleet for scale
Fleet need Containerized mobile surface mount
Operate on leased or shared property
Need expedited deployment or interim EVSE solutions
Looking to reduce upfront investment
Frequently move EV operations to various sites
Have no access to utility power
Physical space limitations for deployment


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