AMPLY Power Unveils ELEVATE: Hassle-Free Maintenance of Charging Infrastructure for EV Fleets, Supports Hallcon Corporation with EV Fleet Deployment​

With ELEVATE, fleets don’t have to worry about monitoring for, troubleshooting, or resolving charging infrastructure issues, all with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

[Mountain View, Calif., March 4, 2022] –AMPLY Power is proud to announce ELEVATE, a service offering that goes beyond standard warranties and maintenance programs offered by EVSE providers, giving fleets peace of mind that their EV charging infrastructure ecosystem is consistently up and running. ELEVATE includes a service-level agreement of 99.9% uptime guarantee for charging infrastructure. AMPLY is able to provide this by managing all aspects of charging infrastructure, from predictive maintenance and proactive issue resolution to real-time monitoring, onsite repairs, and end-of-life retirement for equipment.

ELEVATE offers customers the same hassle-free maintenance included in AMPLY’s Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, but as a standalone service for fleets that need maximum flexibility. As with all of AMPLY’s products and services, ELEVATE is uniquely designed to be technology-agnostic, supporting fleets with maintenance needs complicated by various vehicle types and charging hardware.

AMPLY Power customer, Hallcon Corporation, made the transition to electric shuttle buses to support Silicon Valley tech companies, backed by AMPLY’s EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services and OMEGA Charge Management System (CMS). Through the onboarding process, compatibility issues between the vehicles and chargers were identified, along with power quality issues. AMPLY worked with the vehicle and charger manufacturers, site electricians, and other relevant stakeholders to comprehensively assess, triage, and solve all issues, ensuring consistent charging operations and equipment fidelity. This serves as a prime example of the responsibility AMPLY assumes on behalf of its ELEVATE customers.

“Hallcon Corporation has been advancing an aggressive EV infrastructure vision to support the transition of clients to sustainable fleets. AMPLY Power, one of our valued collaborators and partners in executing this vision, has contributed expertise and creative problem solving that ensured successful outcomes for our clients. Their work is greatly appreciated,” said John R. Stoiber, President & CEO of Hallcon Corporation.

AMPLY’s mission is to remove barriers to electrification for fleet operators. As fleets across sectors look to implement and operate EVs at scale, fleet managers are confronted with challenges like charging infrastructure maintenance and repair, navigating equipment warranties, and sourcing replacement parts when needed. Previously, many fleet operators have enjoyed hassle-free maintenance and 99.9% guaranteed uptime provided by AMPLY as part of the company’s Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, which bundles CapEx, OpEx, energy costs, and incentives into a fixed rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term. However, AMPLY recognized that some organizations don’t need the bundled cost benefits of CaaS but can benefit from the uptime guarantee, and as such, ELEVATE was born.

AMPLY Power and Logan Bus, the largest school bus provider for the New York City Department of Education and one of AMPLY’s Charging-as-a-Service customers, have been working together since 2020 to manage all charging operations for their electric school buses.

“When we partnered with AMPLY Power, we were the first school bus operator in New York City to deploy all-electric buses. With AMPLY’s comprehensive support, we know we are in good hands as they continue to handle all aspects of our charging operations and infrastructure maintenance, while managing technology upgrades as our fleet’s needs evolve. This allows us to focus on student transportation while reducing our carbon footprint, and AMPLY handles the rest.” said Corey Muirhead, Executive Vice President of Logan Bus & Affiliates.

Alongside OMEGA, AMPLY’s flagship charge management system, ELEVATE offers end-to-end support for charging infrastructure maintenance and operations. Any alerts or errors are quickly triaged by trained members of AMPLY’s Network Operations Center, who will troubleshoot the issue, dispatch onsite technicians if needed, and oversee any necessary equipment repairs and replacements, including working with equipment manufacturers through the warranty process. With OMEGA’s AI-powered insights, it’s even possible to predict potential equipment failures and take preemptive preventive action, avoiding costly disruptions.

“Establishing and managing electric vehicle charging infrastructure is more complex than traditional fueling stations, and involves many more suppliers,” said Vic Shao, CEO of AMPLY Power. “With the introduction of ELEVATE, we are filling in a gap that exists in the EV charging industry today that often leaves fleet operators in the lurch as they attempt to navigate disjointed EVSE warranties, supplier management, maintenance and service policies, compatibility issues, and more. ELEVATE allows us to continue to fulfill our mission of simplifying fleet electrification by taking on the responsibility to future-proof our customers’ charging infrastructure.”

The AMPLY team continuously works to make electric vehicle charging and energy management easy and low-risk, so fleet operators can focus on their core businesses. To learn more about how ELEVATE prioritizes the health of fleet charging equipment with hassle-free maintenance, visit

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AMPLY Power is a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy management provider for mission-critical fleets operating trucks, buses, vans and light-duty vehicles. AMPLY’s intelligent charge management software, OMEGA, co-optimizes charging for low cost energy and carbon impact, while offering improved resilience and a 99.9% reliability target, all in a user-friendly dashboard. Paired with its optional Charging-as-a-Service model, AMPLY’s vehicle and charger agnostic approach allows the company to handle all the details of charging an EV fleet, guaranteeing performance and dramatically reducing upfront capital expenditures. As fleets continue to work to meet sustainability goals, AMPLY’s fully managed solution is a cost effective and service-focused approach, reducing fuel costs by as much as 85 percent and making electrification easy for organizations of all sizes. AMPLY was recently named to Global Cleantech 100 for the third year in a row. AMPLY was acquired by bp in December of 2021 as bp’s first step into US electrification. To learn more about AMPLY, please visit or LinkedIn and follow @AMPLYpower on Twitter.

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