Trucking Summit 2023

LACI and bp pulse TEP Summit 2022

The Trucking Summit is your new way to engage senior-level decision-makers from private and for-hire fleets with 50 or more power units. It’s not a trade show or traditional conference – not even close. There are no booths, no hassles and best of all — no hoping that a decision-maker walks down the aisle and stops by. The Trucking Summit is a unique experience where you’ll share two days of private meetings and social activities with fleet directors and owners you’re interested in meeting, and who are interested in meeting with you.



Event Dates: June 14 – 16

1:00 PM PT

I-710 Charging Infrastructure Blueprint

In this session, LACI will share key takeaways from the Blueprint and discuss how to ensure low-cost, high impact investments in goods movement chargers that can encourage adoption of battery electric trucks. This session will be a conversation among Blueprint partners that highlights the key findings, opportunities, challenges, recommended approaches, and next steps for port drayage infrastructure serving the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Featuring Heidi Sickler, Director of Policy, bp pulse fleet


Tuscon, Arizona