AMPLY Power is now bp pulse

From fleet charging startup to global electrification activator

Today marks the next step change in AMPLY’s story.

As a startup, AMPLY began in response to the myriad of challenges fleets face through their transition to electric—including fluctuating energy prices, mixed technologies with the need for interoperability, and readiness requirements for mission-critical assets. Since our founding in 2018, AMPLY has evolved from an early-stage startup to an industry leader with an array of innovative EV charging solutions that support fleets with their electrification journey.

As the EV market continues to mature, so must we.

Following bp’s acquisition of AMPLY in December 2021, today we announced that we are launching the bp pulse brand in the Americas and have set our sights on bringing our EV fleet solutions to global markets. This moment is a result of our team’s growth, unwavering dedication to our customers, and maturity of the industry—all of which is allowing us to reach new heights in our ability to help fleets electrify at scale.

What is bp pulse?

bp pulse is bp’s EV charging business, first introduced to customers in the United Kingdom in 2020 with a focus on rolling out fast, reliable charging stations to consumers. Today, bp pulse represents one of the key engines driving bp’s transformation to an integrated energy company and is an essential element of bp’s strategy to become a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner.

Globally, bp pulse is one of the leading ultra-fast public EV charging networks, with a large number of ultra-fast charging sites in Germany, a growing footprint in China, expansion efforts in the Netherlands, and much more. 

The acquisition of AMPLY last year was bp’s first major entrance into the U.S. EV charging market. As AMPLY’s products and solutions become an integrated part of the bp pulse portfolio globally, the focus will remain on providing EV charging and energy management to fleets that operate trucks, buses, vans, and light-duty vehicles. We will continue to innovate and expand upon our current suite of EV charging products and solutions, only being strengthened by bp’s global network and resources.

What does this mean for our customers?

As we continue our next chapter as bp pulse, we are still empowered by our same values and mission. AMPLY’s success is because of its steadfast commitment to simplifying the electrification process for fleets and growing a passionate team of experts. Our customers and partners can expect to receive that same level of passion and commitment as we push forward.

When AMPLY was acquired by bp last year, we wanted to ensure that our customers, partners, stakeholders and employees all saw the value brought to AMPLY by bp. This process has progressed smoothly, and we are now integrated with the global resources and expertise of the rest of the bp pulse teams in the U.K., throughout Europe, and Asia.

EV adoption is at a tipping point, and as the industry accelerates, we too must scale in order to support our customers’ expanding electric fleet operations.

How did we get here?

This year, AMPLY was able to benefit from bp’s global presence and investments in low carbon energy solutions to dramatically add scale to our offerings. We started with a handful of customers in a few states, and now have active projects in 17 states (and counting).

A recap of a few AMPLY wins so far this year:

  • Launched new service Elevate, providing hassle-free maintenance to EV fleet customers
  • Collaborated with Lightning eMotors to launch “Powered by AMPLY, (now bp pulse)” to enable integration of Omega with EV OEMs
  • Collaborated with Producers Dairy to manage charging for their first-in-region Volvo VNR electric trucks
  • In their first full quarter using Omega, our customer Red Hook Terminals reduced demand charges by 55% in peak months, resulting in an 84% reduction in fuel costs
  • Received a Blanket Purchase Agreement to support federal agencies with their fleet electrification goals
  • Featured in Global Cleantech 100 list for the third year in a row
  • Received a Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Customer Value Leader Award

And our biggest announcements for 2022 are yet to come…

What is next for us as bp pulse?

We are still deeply committed to the fleet industry’s greatest electrification challenges with the same fervor and innovation as before. As we have done since our launch in 2018, and continued to do through the acquisition, the move to bp pulse allows us to scale while maintaining operational excellence.

Joining the bp pulse brand will unlock our full potential to support and accelerate electrification in the Americas and beyond.

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7 September 2022


Lexi Wiley

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
bp pulse fleet