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Four ways we’re customizing solutions to help transit fleets electrify

We’re working with the transit sector to electrify public transportation

Public transit fleets making the transition to an EV fleet brings new complexities to fleet operations. As we work with companies in the transit sector, we know that passengers depend on reliable and efficient operations. We’ve worked with each of these companies to identify their unique needs and collaborated to choose the best product and solution that will help them overcome their electrification challenges, making all aspects of fleet charging as simple as possible.

1. Mobile and non-permanent charging infrastructure

Our non-permanent containerized charging infrastructure offering, Inrush, helped Anaheim Transportation Network solve for permanent infrastructure constraints.

2. Simplified and optimized charging sessions

Omega will optimize San Diego Metro Transit System’s fleet of electric buses for cost, uptime, and other factors.

3. Hassle-free EV charger maintenance

Elevate helped Tri Delta Transit solve for maintenance and health challenges of their charging infrastructure.

4. Customized and creative charging infrastructure solutions

Our patent-pending mounting system PIDE enabled CapMetro to incorporate overhead charging into their solar-powered charging infrastructure.

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26 April 2023


Greg Fields Headshot

Greg Fields

VP of North America Sales
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