AMPLY Power Products Now Available Through Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in Partnership with Verdek Green Technologies to Support Federal Electrification Goals​

The 2022 EVSE BPAs support the electrification of U.S. federal fleets by offering innovative solutions, such as AMPLY’s OMEGA Charge Management Software, through a streamlined ordering process

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 28, 2022) — AMPLY Power products and services are now available to federal fleets through a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Fleet Management, made available through a partnership with Verdek Green Technologies, a nationally-known provider of EV charging stations.  The 60-month agreement offers a streamlined ordering process and reduced administrative burden for U.S. federal agencies transitioning to electric-powered transportation solutions.

Through the BPA partnership with Verdek, AMPLY will offer its intelligent charge management software solution, OMEGA, to federal agencies. The OMEGA software specializes in helping fleet operators manage energy costs and optimize performance by providing real-time monitoring of EV charging operations. The software leverages machine learning, adjusting its rules-based model to fit a customer’s unique needs, and responds in real-time to ensure vehicles are charged with no active management needed. OMEGA is vehicle and charger agnostic, making it easier to begin the journey of electrification. 

Simplifying the transition to electric vehicles will be important for the federal fleet, as 2021’s Executive Order 14057 includes plans to transition to 100% zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) acquisitions by 2035 and 100% zero-emission light-duty vehicle acquisitions by 2027. More than 656,000 vehicles comprise the U.S. federal fleet, but less than 1% are fully electric, per the FY21 GSA Federal Fleet Report

“We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to help the U.S. federal government reach its sustainability goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Vic Shao, Founder and CEO, AMPLY Power. “This takes us one step closer to achieving our mission of enabling more industries to adopt electric-powered fleets in a cost-efficient way. AMPLY will simplify fleet electrification for federal vehicles, allowing operators to focus on safely transporting people, goods, and services.”

AMPLY’s OMEGA charge management capabilities make up the core of its Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, which offers fleet operators a turnkey solution that encompasses everything in the charging lifecycle. Deployed in full, this model allows AMPLY to assume responsibility for all aspects of the process, from EVSE procurement and installation to operations and maintenance. 

For customers who don’t need the full support of CaaS, AMPLY also offers solutions such as INRUSH, a portable, containerized infrastructure system for EV charging, and ELEVATE, a service offering that goes beyond standard warranties and maintenance programs offered by EVSE providers. Both solutions seamlessly pair with OMEGA.

AMPLY’s products can be found on the GSA Advantage site under contract number GS-07F-172BA.

About AMPLY Power

AMPLY Power is a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy management provider for organizations that operate vehicle fleets to transport people, goods or services. AMPLY’s fully managed solution is a cost-effective and service-focused approach, reducing fuel costs by as much as 85 percent while providing a 99.9% vehicle uptime guarantee, making electrification easy for organizations of all sizes. AMPLY was acquired by bp in December of 2021 as bp’s first step into US electrification. To learn more about AMPLY, please visit or LinkedIn and follow @AMPLYpower on Twitter.

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