San Diego Metropolitan Transit System selects bp pulse as charge management software provider to optimize electric bus fleet efficiency

  • bp pulse was selected in a competitive bid after an initial pilot testing the Omega charge management software.
  • The project will begin at the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) South Bay bus facility and expand to an additional three sites over five years.
  • Omega will optimize SDMTS’s fleet of electric buses for cost, uptime, and other factors.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., [April 26, 2023] — bp pulse announced today the company has been selected by the San Diego Metro Transit System (MTS) to manage its growing electric bus fleet through their charge management software (CMS), Omega. MTS has committed to transitioning its bus fleet from compressed natural gas to 100% zero tailpipe emission bus (ZEB) by 2040.

The program will begin at the South Bay facility, south of downtown San Diego, where bp pulse will deploy Omega charge management on 36 chargers, with plans to scale operations to three additional locations over the next five years, bringing the expected charger count to 150 across all four locations. Omega will manage DC fast chargers from multiple charger manufacturers at the different locations.

Transitioning to a zero emission bus fleet by 2040 is one of the top priorities for MTS. It is a complex process to get this done, with many moving parts. Selecting a vendor for the charge management software was a big step in this process. We are excited to work with bp pulse to provide critical technology to charge our vehicles.

The Omega charge management system will integrate with MTS bus telematics and control systems—responding in real time to changing routes with the capability to prioritize charging-based needs. Through the Omega dashboard, MTS will be able to monitor state of charge for the electric buses to monitor for efficiency, range, battery life, and more, ensuring vehicles are operating reliably and efficiently. Omega will also assist with utility tariffs management and utility costs, ensuring MTS is in compliance with utilities, while also providing cost savings, energy efficiency, and allow for budgeting.

This announcement represents a noteworthy step towards zero tailpipe emission public transportation by incorporating advanced technology that can accelerate scale. Omega will do more than manage MTS’s fleet of EVs. Because Omega is hardware and software agnostic, MTS will be able to expand their fleets and charging stations with different brands or classes of vehicles with the confidence that they can seamlessly integrate with whatever products best suit their needs.

MTS has been at the forefront of adopting sustainable public transportation practices, with a substantial investment in its electric bus fleet. The new addition of Omega charge management software further demonstrates MTS’s commitment to providing clean, reliable, and efficient public transportation to Southern California.

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bp pulse is bp’s electric vehicle (EV) charging business, rolling out fast, reliable charge points to consumers and commercial fleets around the world. Globally, bp pulse is one of the UK’s leading rapid and ultra-fast public EV charging networks. It also operates the largest number of sites with ultra-fast charging in Germany, with a growing charging point footprint in China and the Netherlands. The company aims to increase its network of public EV charging points by 2030 to over 100,000 worldwide.

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