Bundled EV charging hardware and software

Our bundles combine EV fleet charging hardware, software, and warranty in one solution for faster and smarter EVSE deployment.

What is bundled hardware and software?

Sourcing EV charging assets for your fleet from multiple suppliers can lead to slow deployment, integration issues, and charging that is not optimized, delaying the benefits of fleet electrification.

To solve for these challenges, we’ve combined charging infrastructure with a two-year parts warranty and license for our Omega charge management software. With one partner for your charging needs, your EVSE will arrive faster and ready to go, so you can focus on business operations.

What is included

Our cloud-based Omega charge management software simplifies the EV charging process and sends you real-time critical alerts from one dashboard. It also comes with 99.9% platform uptime for added peace of mind. With a two-year license included with our bundle, you can rely on Omega to keep your fleet running smoothly.

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Our range of charging infrastructure includes both mobile and permanent solutions to suit different fleet needs. All hardware installation options come with a cable management system to keep wires organized and ensure safety. Our chargers also come pre-configured with Omega charge management software to start optimizing charging immediately.

With a two-year parts warranty included, your fleet is covered if there’s ever an equipment issue, avoiding unexpected costs and helping to prolong your equipment lifespan. We’ll handle any replacements end-to-end so you can stay focused on operations instead.


Key benefits of our EV charging bundles

Hardware and software bundles

We offer a variety of EV hardware installation options to best fit your fleet needs. All options include a two-year license for our leading Omega charge management software to help you manage your fleet, along with a two-year parts warranty.

Current bundles

Level 2 AC charger + Omega Lite
Wall mounted | Single dispenser

Ideal for indoor deployments, supporting fleets with space constraints.

Level 2 AC charger + Omega Lite
Pedestal mount | single or dual

A single or dual mount to charge one or two vehicles per stall.

Mobile DC fast charger + Omega Lite
Mobile | Single dispenser

A lightweight, portable solution that ensures your site’s configuration is met and space is maximized, without the need for costly site modifications.

DC fast charger + Omega Core
Wall or pedestal mount | Single dispenser

Faster EV charging with small and compact footprint.

DC fast charger + Omega Core
Pedestal mount | Dual dispenser

Faster EV charging with the ability to charge one or two vehicles per stall. Also includes labor warranty.

Not sure what hardware you need for your fleet?

Get charging infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates for your fleet with our online tool.

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Why bundle with us?

Smarter EV charging

Omega charge management software, included with our hardware, simplifies the charging process. You’ll spend less time managing charging and more time focusing on business, while reducing energy costs.

Solutions that fit your fleet needs

We offer a range of EVSE options, accounting for operational constraints. Omega Core also integrates with any telematics or fleet management tool, avoiding disruption to operations and making it easier to add more chargers in future.

Faster EV charging deployments

Partnering with us for both hardware and software means we can expedite deployment, avoiding the long lead times of multiple suppliers. Once installed, your chargers will auto-connect to Omega, so you can start optimizing charging immediately.

Prolonged equipment lifespan

With a two-year parts warranty included, your fleet is covered if there’s ever an issue with your equipment, avoiding unexpected costs. We’ll handle any replacements end-to-end, giving you peace of mind.

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One solution for faster and smarter EVSE deployment

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